GSO is a leader in digital transformation for small-business. We are helping small companies to thrive in an ever-changing landscape by getting their business on-line.

How to digitally transform your Small-business?

Solution: Implement Odoo ERP

What is ERP? - Business Software that manages and integrates a company’s Accounting, Purchasing, Stock Management, Sales, Ecommerce, Point of Sales, Customer Relations, Reporting, and other activities.

Why ERP? -  Imagine being a Retailer where your business software integrates all transactions from Ecommerce, Point of Sale through to Banking and Accounting. You enter a Stock item once - and it is available on your Website, Point of Sales, Sales, and Stock system. You can check sales/stocks on your mobile. Customer online payments are automatically processed from accounting to bank rec. All of this is achievable using ERP.

Isn’t ERP for Medium to Large business only? -  Historically ERP systems would not be considered for small business due to complexity and cost. This no longer applies where Odoo is the solution. Odoo has all the advantages of ERP and overcomes all the disadvantages. GSO has a 5 Step Journey to Digitally transform your Small-business.

Why Odoo ERP?

Odoo is only platform you will ever need to help run your business: integrated apps, kept simple, and loved by millions of happy users.

Low Cost

implement modules that you want, not what the software requires.

When you are ready to grow, you deploy additional modules.

Rich Functionality

Has all the functionality for Small business - Odoo has an app for every need and all apps are integrated


Odoo is cloud based allowing you to access all essential business functions over the internet. No need for on premise servers.


7 Million users worldwide.

User Friendly

ODOO’s user interface is easy to learn and is consistent scroll all modules.


Accessible any time and anywhere by your team, includes on  mobile devices.

GSO - A perfect partner for all your Digital Transformation

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